This is the second in a series of articles tracing some famous female families forward to the present day. 

I will attempt to show by using empirical evidence that far from there being some consistent and powerful gene being passed up the female line that the outcomes are very inconsistent.

The first thing to note is that Bebop II is a relative newcomer being foaled in 1957 for a study of this type.  For a good few generations she is going to benefit greatly from the fact that she is out of a dam that produced an Oaks winner in Sun Cap and a number of black type individuals.  Bebop II herself was no mug on the racecourse having finished 2nd in the Haverhill Stakes and 3rd in the Nassau Stakes in her third year and being by Prince Bio would be considered very well bred. 

The second thing to note is that although I will have the vast majority of her descendants in my database I will not have them all.

Let's look at the her foals and then look at their overall tail female record.

1962 Bebopper,f,Tom Fool = Winner
1963 Hot Sketch,f,Tom Fool = Unraced
1966 Clasbio,f,Outing Class = Unraced
1967 Bopping,f,Outing Class = Winner
1969 Stepping High,f,No Robbery = Winner and Group equivalent placed
1970 Roller Skates,f,Outing Class = Unraced
1971 Merry Jingle,f,Bold Lad = Stakes placed winner
1973 Larceny Gal,f,No Robbery = Placed
1974 Twivil,c,The Axe II = Winner
1976 Southern Swing,c,Delta Judge = Stakes placed winner of over 100k

Three things strike me here.  First is that producing nearly all fillies is a good way of getting a female dynasty going.  The second thing is that she was mated to the type of stallion one would expect to be.  In Outing Class she might have been a bit unlucky.  He was a good runner and had more of his share of successful siblings and was very well bred being by Nasrullah out of Track Medal by Khaled.  In my view he performed below expectation as a stallion.

Bebopper Clasbio Bopping Stepping High Roller Skates Merry Jingle Larceny Gal


Gr1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Gr2 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 4
Gr3 1 0 0 4 0 0 1 6
Listed 2 2 0 3 0 0 1 8
Stakes 2 0 2 3 0 0 5 12
Total 206 46 31 149 8 23 65 537

Certainly not all lines are the same! 

Hot Sketch was not, as far as I am aware, bred from. Being by Tom Fool that is a bit of a surprise but she did not race so maybe it is not that great a surprise. The unraced Roller Skates was tried for a generation, with relatively weak stallions, produced some runners but nothing special, and was abandoned.  Merry Jingle who was stakes placed saw some of the top stallions of the day in Graustark, Buckpasser, Nijinsky, The Minstrel etc and got a single stakes placed and a few winners. She got just 3 fillies and they all produced nothing special and were abandoned.

So that's half the descendants finished with. So what of the one's that are left

Here's the data above reprocessed as percentages:
Bebopper Clasbio Bopping Stepping High Larceny Gal


Gr1 0.97 0 0 0 0 0.37
Gr2 0.97 0 0 1.34 0 0.74
Gr3 0.49 0 0 2.68 1.54 1.12
Listed 0.97 4.35 0 2.01 1.54 1.49
Stakes 0.97 0 6.45 2.01 7.69 2.23
Others 95.63 95.65 93.55 91.95 89.23 94.04

With a family consisting of just 12 group winners it is better to look at these to rather than draw charts etc.

Let's look at these by generation.  We have already looked at the immediate descendants of Bepop II (no group types) so let us start with the 2nd generation where we find:
HATCHET MAN by The Axe II out of Bebopper
STOP THE MUSIC by Hail To Reason out of Bebopper
That's two top class stallions!

In the 3rd generation we find two group 3 winning relative of Bepop II.
Crazy Moon by Stage Coach Johnny out of a mare who is a full sister to Hatchet Man. Top quality throughout again.
Astudillo(ire) is not quite as bred quite as well being by Common Grounds out of Senlis by Sensitive Prince out of a No Robbery mare. Then again Common Ground was no mug.  Considering that Senlis produced 2 stakes winners (both by Common Grounds) and another 3 winners and a placed runner from 6 foals she was no mug either.  Also makes one wonder would the Bepop II line have been stronger if they all stayed in Europe on grass.

So on to the 4th generation.  Here we find the other Gr1 winner from the Bebopper line. Tank's Music is inbred Bold Ruler 4x4 and is by Air Forbes One out of a mare by Darby Creek Road out of a mare by Bold Lad. Not stellar breeding but enough breeding to suggest a Group winner is not out of the question.  The other. We also find all the other successes that can be attributed to the Bebop II line.  The rather well bred Proflare by Mr Prospector out of Flare Pass by Buckpasser was a stellar mare.

In summary. We have a Mr Prospector mare accounting for nearly half the group winners. Bebopper being mated to Hail To Reason and The Axe II and a sister to Hatchet Man accounts for another quarter. 

With Bebopper and Proflare out of the calculations Bebop II becomes:


0 0
0 0
1 0.31
Listed 6 1.84
Stakes 9 2.76
Others 310 95.09

All down to the female family .. duh

Adrian Parry Copyright 2006