Sanda Female Line

Finished tracing Sanda forward and have now got 5736 tail female offspring.  2.43% stakes winners.  26 top grade winners (Gr1) including Sainfoin.

I have not got all of them still but the vast majority have been accounted for. It's really frustrating but not easy to follow some lines. I have got most of them and I can't be bothered to track down the odds and sods. I know I am missing some older Australasian Gr1 winners and will do so soon.

Obviously there was some close up success in Derby winner Sainfoin and Sierra son Sundridge but as far as female line is concerned we need only concern ourselves with two daughters Vetch and Sierra.

For Vetch we can fast forward 4 generations to Frantic (1928). Grand Ekinok and Iceca Noble notable examples.  No need to go back further than Frantic.

Sierra success is via 2 of Flaming Vixen's daughters. Flash Of Steel and Harpy.

Harpy but it can be further simplified to Agrippine or even her daughter Jungle Queen (by Claro). There are 10 Gr1 winners going back to Harpy but all 10 of them are via Agrippine and nine of those are via her daughter Jungle Queen. Basically Cacao goes back to Sanda via Agrippine while the other 9 go via Jungle Queen daughters. Cigar (via Gold Sum), Jungle Fitz and Mister Phone (via Jungle Duchess), Mongoose and Gio Ponti (via Jungle Mythologic) and Just In Case, Eclipse West, Jolly and Zanzibar (via Jungle Princess).

Flash of Steel has 8 Gr1 winners going back via her to Sanda. The route to Flash of Steel is via 3 daughters. Silver Steel (My Swallow), Sword Play (Zoro and Distinctly Secret) and the other 5 via Spionetta whose success is via one daughter Night Spi (Sky Cuddle) and her daughter Gold Spi (Master Belt) and her daughter Belle Spi (Pompeii Pearl, Saint Cecile and Dane Ripper).

Agrppine is 2 x 3 Foxlaw; Jungle Queen is 4x5 Phalaris, 5x5 St Simon and 5x5 Swynford; Night Spi is 3x3 Spearmint, 5x5 St Simon; Belle Spi is 3x4 Cinna and 3x5 Son-In-Law (via Foxlaw and Beau Pere).  Flash Of Steel = lots of Galopin and St. Simon and his sister Angelica.

Don’t know what I am trying to point out here except that it seems to me that with approx 6000 (5736 plus the odd and sods) going back to Sanda tail female there are only about half a dozen conduits that the success has come through. Lots of St Simon and plenty of Foxlaw.